Das Alpenhaus Deli is a luncheonette. This means that we serve a single daily hot special for lunch starting at 11:00am, served until it's gone. If we have either run out, or you aren't a fan of that day's special then we always have daily soups and make custom sandwiches. It is a rotating menu with no lunches repeating in any given month. All pricing is posted on the menu board in-house.  Guten Appetit!


HEY EVERYONE! Here's the August menu! Please, be reminded, the menu is subject to change based on availability of items!


NOW OPEN UNTIL 9pm ON FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS! - $1 off Draughts on Fridays and Saturdays from 6:30pm - 8:30pm!!!

7/30 Monday - ADVENTURE EATING - Gotta sign a waiver for this one, kids! ... Zwiebelmett, Tartare, Heringsalat & Butterbrot (We'll Let You Look It Up)  :-)

7/31 Tuesday - Aufschnittteller m. Beilagen (Cold Cut Plate w/ the Fixin's)


8/1 Wednesday - Käsespätzle & Delisalat (Cheese Noodle Bake w/ Choice of Deli Salad)

8/2 Thursday - Geröstete Schweinefleisch m. Kartoffelsalat & Gurkensalat (Roasted Pork Loin w/ Potato Salad & Cucumber Salad)

8/3 Friday - Schnitzel nach Bauern Art m. Rosenkohl (Farmer's Schnitzel w/ Brussel Sprouts)      |     AFTER 6PM - Wiener, Sauerkraut, Senf & Butterbrot

8/4 Saturday - Chef's Choice    |     AFTER 6PM - Rouladen m. Kartoffelbrei & Rotkohl


8/6 Monday - Strammermax m. Fruchtsalat (German Ham & Egg Sandwich w/ Fruit Salad)

8/7 Tuesday - Beutelches m. Soße & Karotten (Fried Stuffed Potato "Steak" w/ Sauce & Carrots)

8/8 Wednesday - Schnitzel nach Zigeuner Art m. Kartoffelsalat (Gypsy-Style Schnitzel w/ Potato Salad)

8/9 Thursday - Gefüllte Ofen Paprika m. Wildreis (Stuffed Peppers w/ Wild Rice)

8/10 Friday - Schnitzel m. Rahmsoße & Salzkartoffeln (Schnitzel w/ Creamy Mushroom Sauce & Salt-Boiled Potatoes)  |  AFTER 6PM - Köttbullar m. Nudeln & Gurkensalat

8/11 Saturday - Chef's Choice    |    AFTER 6PM - Sauerbraten m. Kartoffelbrei & Rotkohl


8/13 Monday - Schnitzel nach Walliser Art m. Nudelsalat & Gemüsesalat (Walliser-Style Schnitzel w/ Noodle Salad & Vegetable Salad)

8/14 Tuesday - Gefüllte Portabella m. Bratkartoffeln & Soße (Stuffed Portabellas w/ Fried Potatoes & Sauce)

8/15 Wednesday - Sole Schnitzel m. roten Kartoffeln in Erbsencremesoße (Dover Sole Schnitzel w/ Red Potatoes in Cream Sauce w/ Peas)

8/16 Thursday - Döner Kebab (Turkish-German Style Gyro...YUMMY!)

8/17 Friday - WURST TAG! (SAUSAGE DAY!)    |    AFTER 6PM - Hackbraten m. Kartoffelbrei & Soße

8/18 Saturday - Chef's Choice     |     AFTER 6PM - Schweinehaxe m. Kloß & Rotkohl  [LAST CHANCE UNTIL OKTOBERFEST END OF NEXT MONTH]


8/20 Monday - Spätzle m. Gulasch & Rotkohl (German Egg-Noodles w/ Goulash & Cooked Red Cabbage)

8/21 Tuesday - Maultaschensuppe m. Butterbrot (Stuffed German-Style Ravioli Soup w/ Bread & Butter)

8/22 Wednesday - Paprikahändl m. Grünkohl & Salzkartoffeln (Paprika Baked 1/2 Game Hen w/ Salt-Boiled Potatoes & THE BEST KALE EVER)

8/23 Thursday - Falscher Hase m. Bratkartoffeln & Soße (German Meatloaf w/ Fried Potatoes & Sauce)

8/24 Friday - Jägerschnitzel m. Kartoffelbrei (Hunter Style Schnitzel w/ Mushroom Gravy & Mashed Potatoes)  |  AFTER 6PM - Bratwurst m. Beilage

8/25 Saturday - Chef's Choice    |     AFTER 6PM: Kohlrouladen m. Kartoffelbrei


8/27 Monday - Unser Sieben "B" Sandwich (The Seven "B" Sandwich)

8/28 Tuesday - Lachs in Cremespinat m. Brokkoli & Karotten (Salmon Baked in Creamy Spinach Sauce w/ Broccoli & Carrots)

8/29 Wednesday - Lauchcremesuppe m. Salzkartoffeln & Butterbrot (Creamy Leek Soup w/ Salt-Boiled Potatoes & Bread/Butter)

8/30 Thursday - Soljanka m. Butterbrot (Eastern European Soup Popular in Former East Germany w/ Butter & Bread)

8/31 Friday - Wiener Schnitzel m. Bohnensalat & Kartoffelsalat (Vienna-Style Schnitzel w/ Bean Salad & Potato Salad)  |  AFTER 6PM - Döner Kebab


This ought to keep all of you occupied for the month! We hope to see you for multiple dishes! 

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