Das Alpenhaus Deli is a luncheonette. This means that we serve a single daily hot special for lunch starting at 11:00am, served until it's gone. If we have either run out, or you aren't a fan of that day's special then we also have daily soups and make custom sandwiches. It is a rotating menu and every week will differ from the previous week's menu so be sure to check this page for the current menu. All pricing is posted on the menu board in-house.  Guten Appetit!


HEY EVERYONE! Here's the rest of February and the entire month of March! Please, be reminded, the menu is subject to change based on availability of items!


      3/29 - Thursday:  Schweinehaxe m. Rotkohl & Kloß (Smoked Pork Hock w/ Cooked Red Cabbage & Dumpling - half portions available)

      3/30 - Friday:  Ente m. weißer Spargel & Bataten (Roasted Duck w/ White Asparagus & Sweet Potatoes)  $1 off Draughts

      3/31 - Saturday:  Chef's Choice


    4/2 - Monday: Hackbraten & Salzkartoffeln (German-Style Meatloaf Patty w/ Salt-Boiled Potatoes)

    4/3 - Tuesday: Schweinebraten, Salzkartoffeln & Karotten/Erbsen Mischung (Roasted Pork w/ Salt-Boiled Potatoes & Peas/Carrots)

    4/4 - Wednesday: Spätzle m. Gulasch & Rotkohl (German Egg-Noodle w/ Goulash & Cooked Red Cabbage)

    4/5 - Thursday: Geröstete Schweinefleisch m. Kartoffelbrei & Bohnensalat (Roasted Pork Loin w/ Mashed Potatoes & Bean Salad)

    4/6 - Friday: WURST TAG!!!   $1 off Draughts

    4/7 - Saturday: Chef's Choice ... ALSO - NATIONAL MUSTARD DAY - WE'RE HAVING A SALE!!!


    4/9 - Monday: Wiener Schnitzel m. Bohnensalat & Kartoffelsalat (Viennese Style Schnitzel w/ Bean Salat & Potato Salad)

    4/10 - Tuesday: Köttbullar m. Spätzle & Delisalat (German Style Meatballs w/ German Egg Noodles & Choice of Deli Salad)

    4/11 - Wednesday: Rueben Sandwich m. Suppe *oder* Delisalat (Rueben Sandwich w/ Choice of Soup or Deli Salad)  $1 off Draughts

    4/12 - Thursday: Döner Kebab (Turkish-German Take on a Gyro/Schwarma...etc.) ... ALSO - NATIONAL LICORICE DAY - WE'RE HAVING A HARIBO SALE!!!

    4/13 - Friday: Rouladen m. Salzkartoffeln & Rotkohl (Stuffed German Top Sirloin Roll w/ Salt-Boiled Potatoes and Rotkohl)

    4/14 - Saturday: Chef's Choice


    4/16 - Monday: Schweinerippen m. Sauerkraut & Kartoffelbrei (Roasted Pork Ribs w/ Sauerkraut & Mashed Potatoes)

    4/17 - Tuesday: Lammbraten m. Apfel-Minz Geschmack, Knödel & Rotkohl (Roasted Lamb w/ Apple-Mint Sauce, Dumpling & Cooked Red Cabbage)

    4/18 - Wednesday: Käsespätzle & knochenloser Kassler Schinken (German Cheese & Noodle Bake w/ Boneless Kassler Ham)

    4/19 - Thursday: Sauerbraten m. Kartoffelbrei & Rotkohl (German-Style Pot Roast w/ Mashed Potatoes & Cooked Red Cabbage) $1 off Draughts

    4/20 - Friday: Paprikahändl m. Grünkohl & Kartoffelbrei (Paprika Coated Game Hen w/ the best darn Kale you'll ever have & Mashed Potatoes)

    4/21 - Saturday: Chef's Choice


    4/23 - Monday: Jägerschnitzel & Kartoffelbrei (Hunter-Style Schnitzel & Mashed Potatoes)

    4/24 - Tuesday: Bauerntopf m. Brezel (Farmer's Stew w/ Pretzel)

    4/25 - Wednesday: Wiener m. Butterbrot, Sauerkraut & Senf (Wieners w/ Bread & Butter, Sauerkraut & Mustard)

    4/26 - Thursday: Hasenpfeffer m. Knödel & Karotten (Rabbit Stew w/ Dumplings & Carrots) ... ALSO IT'S NATIONAL PRETZEL DAY...TIME FOR A SALE!!!

    4/27 - Friday: Kohlrouladen m. Kartoffelbrei (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls w/ Mashed Potatoes) $1 off Draughts

    4/28 - Saturday: Chef's Choice


    4/30 - Monday: Leberkäse aufs Brötchen m. Supper *oder* Delisalat (German Fried Dinner Loaf on a Crusty Roll w/ Choice of Soup *or* Deli Salad)

This ought to keep all of you occupied for the month! We hope to see you for multiple dishes! 

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