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           Das Alpenhaus Delikatessen LLC is a DELI. We are not a restaurant that has a full-service, printed menu or a waitstaff that comes to your table. Instead, we write our specials on our hot case w/ pricing, including our "every-day" offerings on our chalk board, or you can choose from our soups, salads or custom made sandwiches - all done at the deli counter. We look forward to helping you explore our little German Deli & Market. Bis bald!

BREAKFAST HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. We gave it four month's to catch on, and it never really did.


*Bratwurst on a Brötchen - Bratwurst served on a crusty German roll w/ Mustard. Sauerkraut available for an additional $0.99

*Schnitzel Sandwich - Thinly pressed pork cutlet, egg washed, breaded and then fried. Served on a pretzel bun with mustard, mayonnaise, and fresh cucumbers, onions, tomato and lettuce.

*Cordon Bleu Schnitzel Sandwich - Thinly pressed pork cutlet, egg washed, breaded and then fried. Served with seared Black Forest Ham, Swiss on a pretzel bun with mustard, mayonnaise, and fresh cucumbers, onions, tomato and lettuce.

*Fried Leberkäse Sandwich - Thick slice of fried German "Meatloaf" served on a crusty German roll w/ Mustard and Havarti Cheese.

*Ruben Sandwich - Pan-seared Corned Beef served on Pan-toasted German Rye w/ Mustard, Mayonnaise and House-Made Sauerkraut.

*Schnitzel w/ Pommes - Thinly pressed pork cutlet, egg washed, breaded and then fried. Served with fresh-cut, Red Potato Fries. Accompanied by fresh Lemon Wedge and Mayonnaise.

* Hot Pastrami Sandwich Topped w/ Coleslaw - Pan-seared Pastrami served on a Pretzel Bun with House-Made Coleslaw.

* Döner Kebab - Turkish-German take on a Gyro. Fresh-baked Pita from Babylon Market stuffed with Beef & Lamb Meat, House-Made Tzatziki Sauce, and fresh lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and red cabbage. Topped with a sprinkle of zesty red pepper flakes.

* Toasted Salami Brötchen - Fresh German Butter, Mustard Seed Salami, Havarti, Swiss, Muenster and fresh tomatoes placed in a German crusty roll - toasted and served warm.

* Giant Pretzel - Sure to please! We don't mean large - we purposely chose the word Giant! Served with mustard. May be upgraded to include our House-Made Obatzda Cheese.

* Classic "Schnellimbiss"-Style Currywurst - Seared, snappy German Wieners covered in Currysauce and a dash of yellow curry. Accompanied by a Brötchen.

* Holsteiner Schnitzel w/ Pommes (something for us big eaters!) - Thinly pressed pork cutlet, eggwashed, breaded and then fried. Served on top of fresh cut, red potato home fries. Topped with two eggs fried over-easy, anchovy fillets and capers. It's a monster meal!  


* Friday, April 30th - Rouladen m. Klöße & Rotkohl (Top-Sirloin stuffed with german pickle spear, smoked ham, mustard & onion and then rolled up, seared in hot oil and then baked in brown gravy. Served with potato dumplings and cooked red cabbage).

* Friday, May 7th - Hackbraten m. Kartoffelbrei & Soße (German meatloaf patty baked in brown gravy with mushrooms. Served with a hearty side of our in-house mashed potatoes!)

* Friday, May 14th - Schweinerippen m. Sauerkraut, Bratkartoffeln & Gemüsesalat (Pork ribs baked with our house-made Sauerkraut. Served with a side of fried potatoes and a choice of one of our deli vegetable salads)

* Friday, May 21st - Zigeuner Schnitzel & Spätzle (Thinly pressed pork cutlet, egg-washed, breaded and then fried. Topped with a "Gypsy-Style" sauce made with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and more. Comes with German egg noodles)

* Friday, May 28th - Flammkuchen (German Pizza! - originated in the Alsace region and has become a huge favorite across Deutschland!)



We make it very easy for you to order a sandwich. Simply fill out a sheet that looks like the one below and hand it in to an employee. We only make custom sandwiches.


 *Actual pricing listed on form may vary

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