Das Alpenhaus Deli is a luncheonette. This means that we serve a single daily hot special for lunch starting at 11:00am, served until it's gone. If we have either run out, or you aren't a fan of that day's special then we always have daily soups and make custom sandwiches. It is a rotating menu with no lunches repeating in any given month. All pricing is posted on the menu board in-house.  Guten Appetit!


EVERY DAY ITEMS: Sausage (type changes daily) on a Brötchen, Schnitzel Sandwich & Schnitzel w/ Pommes will be available every day 11am - 1/2 hour before we close or we run out (whichever comes first)!


9/2 Monday – LABOR DAY - Closed

9/3 Tuesday – Bier u. Senf Kotelett m. Salzkartoffeln (Beer & Mustard Marinated Pork Chop w/ Onions & Salt Boiled Potatoes)

9/4 Wednesday – Rahm Schnitzel & Spaetzle (Creamy Caper Sauce Schnitzel w/ German Egg Noodles)

9/5 Thursday – Bauerntopf m. Brot (Farmer Stew w/ Bread)

9/6 Friday – Schweinebraten m. Salzkartoffeln (Pork Roast w/ Salt Boiled Potatoes)

9/7 Saturday – TBD


9/9 Monday – Sole Schnitzel m. Erbsenkremekartoffeln (Dover Sole Schnitzel w/ Creamed Peas & Potatoes)

9/10 Tuesday – Jäger-Sahne-Kotelett m. Salzkartoffeln & Karotten (Creamy Baked Pork Cutlet w/ Salt-Boiled Potatoes & Carrots)

9/11 Wednesday – Gulasch m. Spaetzle & Rotkohl (Goulash w/ German Egg Noodles & Cooked Red Cabbage)

9/12 Thursday – Sauerbraten m. Rotkohl & Kartoffelbrei (Pickled Pot Roast w/ Cooked Red Cabbage & Mashed Potatoes)

9/13 Friday – Jägerschnitzel m. Kartoffelbrei (Hunter-Style Schnitzel w/ Mashed Potatoes)

9/14 Saturday – TBD


9/16 Monday – Gaisburger Marsch (Gaisburg, Swabia - a Regional Beef Stew)

9/17 Tuesday – Bierocks! (Like a hot pocket...but OH MY! -- they sell FAST)

9/18 Wednesday – Wiener Schnitzel m. Bohnensalat & Kartoffelsalat (Vienna-Style Schnitzel w/ Bean Salad & Potato Salad)

9/19 Thursday – WURST TAG!  (Sausage Day!)

9/20 Friday – Ente m. Bataten & Karotten (Roasted Duck w/ Sweet Potatoes & Carrots)

9/21 Saturday – TBD


9/23 Monday – Zigeuner Geschnetzeltes & Spaetzle (Gypsy-Style Shaved Pork w/ German Egg Noodles)

9/24 Tuesday – Hackbraten & Bratkartoffeln (German Meatloaf Patty w/ Brown Mushroom Gravy & Fried Potatoes)

9/25 Wednesday – Hühnerschnitzel m. Soße & Kartoffelbrei (Chicken Schnitzel w/ Sauce & Mashed Potatoes)

9/26 Thursday - Geröstete Schweinefleisch m. Ihrer Wahl von zwei Delisalaten (Roasted Pork Loin w/ Choice of Two Deli Salads)

            9/26 Thursday - We will be closing at 4pm in order to begin preparations for Oktoberfest!

9/27 Friday & 9/28 Saturday:

            OKTOBERFEST!  3pm - 10pm in the parking lot! See our Facebook Event for more details! 


            * Bring a current, government issued ID if you plan on drinking - Boise City requires us to check, regardless of your age, for a wristband.

            * Store WILL  NOT  be open regular business hours. During event, store is CLOSED to the public due to the busy nature of the event.

            * No  On-Site parking is available to the public. You can park ANYWHERE BUT HERE. (We need all the room we can get for you folks to come

               and party!)

            * If we feel you've had enough fun for one day, please respect our obligation to stop serving you alcohol (it's for your safety and the safety of 



9/30 Monday - CLOSED - we are recuperating from the party!


This ought to keep all of you occupied for the month! We hope to see you for multiple dishes!  




We make it very easy for you to order a sandwich. Simply fill out a sheet that looks like the one below and hand it in to an employee. We only make custom sandwiches.



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