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            Das Alpenhaus Deli is a luncheonette. This means that we serve a single daily hot special for lunch starting at 11:00am, served until it's gone. If we have either run out, or you aren't a fan of that day's special then we always have daily soups and make custom sandwiches. It is a rotating menu with no lunches repeating in any given month. All pricing is posted on the menu board in-house.  Guten Appetit!


EVERY DAY ITEMS: Sausage (type changes daily) on a Brötchen, Schnitzel Sandwich, Fried Leberkäse Sandwich & Schnitzel w/ Pommes will be available every day 11am - 1/2 hour before we close or we run out (whichever comes first)!


12/2 Monday – Leberkäse Sandwich m. Suppe oder Delisalat (Fried Leberkäse Sandwich w/ Choice of Soup or Deli Salad)

12/3 Tuesday – Räucherschinken-Bohnen-Suppe (Smoked Ham & Bean Soup)

12/4 Wednesday – Gulasch m. Nudeln & Rotkohl (Goulash w/ Noodles & Cooked Red Cabbage)

12/5 Thursday (Krampusnacht) - Münchner Schnitzel m. Sauerkraut & Kartoffelsalat (Munich-Style Schnitzel w/ Sauerkraut & Potato Salad)

12/6 Friday (St. Nikolaus) - Hühner Schnitzel m. Kartoffelbrei & Soße (Chicken Schnitzel w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravy)

12/7 Saturday – TBD


12/9 Monday – DEBUT!  "Kraut Burger" m. Kartoffelchips (We're trying something new:  a Kraut Burger w/ German Potato Chips)

12/10 Tuesday – Jägerschnitzel m. Kartoffelbrei (Hunter-Style Schnitzel w/ Mashed Potatoes)

12/11 Wednesday – Käsespaetzle m. Champignonsoße (Cheesey German Egg-Noodles w/ Mushroom Gravy)

12/12 Thursday – Sole Schnitzel m. Erbsencremekartoffeln (Dover Sole Schnitzel w/ Creamed Peas & Potatoes)

12/13 Friday – Hasenpfeffer m. Salzkartoffeln & Rotkohl (Stewed Rabbit w/ Salt-Boiled Potatoes & Cooked Red Cabbage)

12/14 Saturday – TBD


12/16 Monday – DEBUT!  Arbeiter Cordon Bleu m. Salzkartoffeln & Grünkohl (Swiss Recipe - "Working Class" Cordon Bleu w/ Salt-Boiled Potatoes & Cooked Kale)

12/17 Tuesday – Knoblauchcremesuppe in Brotschale (Cream of Garlic Soup in Fresh-Baked Bread Bowl)

12/18 Wednesday – Rouladen m. Kartoffelbrei & Rotkohl (Stuffed Top-Sirloin Roll w/ Mashed Potatoes & Cooked Red Cabbage)

12/19 Thursday - Holsteiner Schnitzel m. Delisalat (Holstein-Style Schnitzel w/ Choice of Deli Salad)

12/20 Friday - Geröstete Gans mit Butterbohnen, Karotten, Kloß & Soße (Roasted Goose w/ Butter Beans, Carrots, Dumpling & Sauce)

12/21 Saturday - TBD


12/23 Monday - Lammbraten m. Bratkartoffeln, Gemüse & Soße (Roasted Lamb w/ Roasted Potatoes, Vegetables & Sauce)

12/24 Tuesday (Weihnachtsabend) - Wiener Schnitzel m. Bohnensalat & Kartoffelsalat (Vienna-Style Schnitzel w/ Bean Salad & Potato Salad) 

                WE  ARE  CLOSING  AT  4PM  CHRISTMAS  EVE

12/25 Wednesday - Weihnachten (Christmas Day) - CLOSED

12/26 Thursday (Stephanstag)  - CLOSED

12/27 Friday - Sauerbraten m. Kartoffelbrei & Rotkohl (Pickled Pot Roast w/ Mashed Potatoes & Cooked Red Cabbage)

12/28 Saturday - TBD


12/30 Monday - Schweinebraten m. Karotten & Salzkartoffeln (Roasted Pork w/ Carrots & Salt-Boiled Potatoes)

12/31 Tuesday (Silvester)- Döner Kebab  (Turkish-German take on a Gyro, Schwarma, etc...)

1/1/2020 Wednesday - New Year's Day - CLOSED FOR INVENTORY


This ought to keep all of you occupied for the month! We hope to see you for multiple dishes!  




We make it very easy for you to order a sandwich. Simply fill out a sheet that looks like the one below and hand it in to an employee. We only make custom sandwiches.



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