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Das Alpenhaus prides itself in having Idaho's largest inventory of German, Austrian & Swiss goods and products! Below, you will find a catalog of what you'll usually find here in the store. Check back frequently as we receive new products often!

   Spices, Seasonings & Sauces




Jams, Jellies, Syrups & Honey

Canned Fruits & Vegetables

Baking Goods & Cereals

Potato & Pasta



Canned Meats

Coffee, Tea & Other Beverages

Deli Goods (Refrigerated & Frozen)


Sweet Treats


Gummies, Licorice & Other Candies

Cookies & Cakes





Das Alpenhaus Deli would love to cater your next work party, wedding or big event!

We gladly accept any and all catering orders with at least a 72 hour notice. Just use the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

* Note: We do not come to your event and serve, nor do we deliver. You come to pick it up and serve yourself.


If you need ideas for what is available to cater, because we will do just about anything German, Austrian or Swiss, check out our menu link. If you have NO IDEA what Germans like to cook, all you have to do is ask. It's pretty simple, we have you pick:

One Protein, One Starch, & One Vegetable

Meals run $10 - $20 per serving due to the supplies, cost of items you choose and the additional time required to prepare the meals.

*We do NOT require a gratuity, but if you would like to tip us, that would be nice!*


If it's party trays that you seek, we have a very simple system!

Click the link above for Deli Goods, and choose however many meats and cheeses you want.

You will want to figure that each person will eat about 1/4-pound total from the tray.

Tell us how much you want of each product you select, and we simply weigh everything out at $18/pound.

*We do NOT require a gratuity, but if you would like to tip us, that would be nice!*


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