New Summer hours starting on May 11th!

Posted 4/29/2017

Starting Thursday, May 11th, we will remain open until 9pm for folks to bring in their families and play games or for groups of friends to come in and mingle with the rest of the community. 


We will serve traditional "street-fare" foods; hence, we will not be serving a formal full-dinner. You can expect pre-planned selections (eg. Bratwurst, Leberkäse auf's Brötchen, Pommes Frites, Dönner-Kebap, etc.) each night along with soups, salads and Aufschnitt (pre-plated meats, cheeses, pickled vegetables and spreads) for your choosing. 


Also, feel free to crack open a cold-one or enjoy a simple German/Austrian/Swiss wine (whichever we are currently serving). 


See you then!

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